This is the Paranologies TemperScope.  copyright © 2016 Paranologies This is a Visual Ambi..


This is the Paranologies Thermascope.  copyright © 2016 Paranologies This is a Hand H..


The Paranologies Tribo Meter.  Copyright © Paranologies The Tribo Meter allows you to find natu..


Paranologies Tri-Cam This is the Camera that does it all for Paranormal Investigation!Handheld ..


This is the Paranologies Twincam copyright © 2014 Paranologies  It can be a hard task..


This is the Paranologies Wireless Spectral Observatory Portable DVR System with 4 Panoptic camera's ..


This is our Most Popular Sensor, and for a reason! Visually follows Triboelectric fields vertic..


This is the Paranologies ElectraScope.  copyright © 2011 Paranologies This is a Customized..


Paranologies Paramid. copyright © 2016 Paranologies This is a Stereo Ultra-Sonic Sensor. I..


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