Panoptic PDA Facebook Live/Periscope Camera (Paranormal Digital Assistant)


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This is the Paranologies Panoptic PDA Camera  copyright © 2015 Paranologies 

With Smart Devices now having such great quality, and the ease of use, we have decided to turn them into a great tool for Paranormal Investigating. We have purchased up a limited supply of Smart Devices and converted them to be used as a great night vision smart camera. Converting a Smart Device is very difficult and can easily damage the device if attempted, so please do not try to convert your own, this is why we supply the device with our custom Smart Device case. Keep in mind that the security camera's used by a lot of investigators are analog and measured in TV lines. Even a 1.3 megapixel camera gives a resolution of 1280X960 pixels which is more than three times the resolution than can be achieved from an analogue Security camera.  

Touch Screen Smart Device with full spectrum camera.

  • 5 Mega Pixel IR/UV Rear Camera.
  • Custom Molded 24 LED Orbular Illuminator (5-6 hours of IR use). Illumination works from around 20-40' depending on type of 9 volt used. Energizer/Duracell are recommended for brighter illumination.
    • First device able to stream In night Vision on Periscope and Facebook Live. (Some FB Profiles do NOT have FB live so you might have to have a FB Page to broodcast from.)
    • Use just like your Smartphone, load video's directly to Youtube via Wifi or directly to your computer via USB. 
    • HD 1280 x 720 night vision Video/Audio Recording.
    • 4.5" Touchscreen. 
    • Can be used to take still photos in UV/IR.
    • Bluetooth/Wifi 
    • Memory Expansion MicroSD Card Slot 
    • Headphone Jack
    • Web Browsing
    • Ships with-
    • Smart Device with battery (Brand will vary but will match above specs)
    • Custom molded IR illuminator with 9 Volt Battery holder and on/off switch.
    • Add a large IR for even more coverage. 

    We will warranty any defects on the electronics, however this does NOT include Scratches/Paint chips or Cracked Screens (that aren't reported within 24 hours of arrival)

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