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Check out this Full spectrum Panoptic Micro Camera with everything you could want built in. Starting off with the Wide spectrum camera that can see in the IR and UV spectrum's.  Next would be the 180 degree Ir Illuminator with 24 High Powered Custom Flat-Top Led's. This IR Flood Light gives off an even amount of lighting to give you great looking footage, no more IR Circles in the footage. The camera is powered off of 2 (9) volt batteries (1 for the Illuminator, and 1 for the Camera) All you have to do is run a cable from the video output of the camera and to your Dvr unit.

While not using as a camera, you can also use it as a stand alone IR illuminator. 

NOTE- This camera does NOT record and is intended for use as a stand alone camera that will plug into your own Dvr unit. If you want an all in one recording source, please use our Panoptic Dvr or Tri-Cam. 

Watch the video below for more info!

-680 Tvl
-300nm to 900nm
-180 degree IR lighting

-Tripod mount

-Hot shoe mount

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