High Power 5mw Laser Pointer Pen Beam Light


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  • Product Code: High Power 5mw 3PCS Laser Pointer Pen Beam Light

 Powerful Green+ Blue Violet + Red
Light Beam Powerful 5MW Laser Pointer Pen 


NOTE:The Green one is More Bright than the purple and Red one in the same power.

The Red and Purple beam are barely visible.


Here's some info on the difference between the laser pen

(green, red, blue-violet)


Brightness: green > red > blue-violet light 

Price : red < blue-violet light < green

Poly thermal performance ( ignition ) : green < red = blue-violet

Laser pen

Stability: green < red = blue-violet light ( green light is influenced

 by the climate; you may need to warm it up in cold environments)


WARNING: Never point at people and always avoid direct eye

 contact. Please keep out of reach of children 



Output mode:Constant Wave

Power supply: Rechargeable Batteries and Charger included


Technical Parameter:Fixed focus, dot facula,

continuous output

Green laser Output Wavelength: 532 nm

Red laser Output Wave length: 650 nm 

Purple laser Output Wave length: 405 nm

Output Power:5mw 

Working Voltage:DC=3.0V 

Trigger Voltage:DC=2.8V

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