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As seen on TV!

  These are the actual glasses used on TV. Accept no knock-offs! Our glasses are custom designed with High Quality Components, Glass Camera Lens, Longer Life Batteries, MiniJack to USB adapter for durability and will be branded with the ParaHunter logo.


1. 5.0 Megapixel with 170 degree wide-angle Camera lens.
2. Memory  Support: MicroSD TF card 2GB -32GB (4GB card included)
3. 1280×720 HD Resolution
4. 5 mega pixel, Recording speed: 30fps
5. NEW! Audio Recording only function! Can be used as a hands-free Digital Audio Recorder!
6. NEW! Still picture function! Take a snapshot with the touch of a button instead of video! JPEG format.
7. User friendly operation and button for easy control.
8. Driverless WebCam function, no extra software required. Just your webcam program.
9. Battery : 650MAH Li-polymer Battery, 5v 3+ hours recording time!
10. DC/350MA,USB  2.0 with 3mm Mini Jack connector.
11. Power consumption <0.59W

12. Working temp -5°C-40°C.Storage temp -20°C-80°C
13. Windows Media, Real player, Storm codec, QuickTime
14. Menu language:  English and Chinese
15. Operating systems: All versions of Windows!
16. 3 interchangeable lenses, Yellow, Gray and Clear

POV Glasses FAQ

1) Can I see in the dark with the POV glasses?

No, the glasses record onto the internal memory only, they don’t have a video display. You can see what they recorded later by attaching them to a computer that can play the recorded AVI file.

2) Is it possible to view what the glasses see live?

Yes, you can attach the glasses to a Windows Tablet or Laptop and switch them into WebCam mode. But then, the Tablet/Laptop will be doing the recording NOT the glasses. Used in this way, the glasses act as a camera ONLY, they cannot record to the internal memory. This would be useful for live streaming what the glasses are viewing.

3) How do I use the Glasses to take a still picture? How do I take video?

First, make sure the glasses are fully charged for at least 8 hours before first use. Power the glasses on, when you see the blue LED Indicator light flash off, then on, they have recognized the installed memory and are ready for use. To take a still picture, press the Video/Camera button once, it will take a snapshot and return to ready mode. To record video, press and hold the Video/Camera button until the blue LED Indicator light flashes continuously. The glasses are now recording video. Press the Video/Camera button again to stop recording.

It depends on the model: For the Standard Definition glasses – Plug the glasses into a Windows PC. The PC should see the glasses as a USB Memory device. Open the folder that Windows assigned to the glasses and double click the file Synctime.exe. A small program will start, check the “Auto Mode” box. Hit the Power button on the POV glasses to turn them off/on. You may need to do this several times before SyncTime says “Successful”. NOTE: If you are on a Windows7 PC, you may need to start SyncTime.exe in “WindowsXP compatibility” mode. Right-click on SyncTime.exe and click Properties. Clcik the “Compatibility” tab at the top. Click the checkbox “Run this program in compatibilty mode for:” and leave the deafult of “WindowsXP (Service Pack 3)”. Click Apply or OK. Then follow the procedure above. For the High-Definition Glasses – Create a plain text file and name it “time.txt”. add one line to the text file in this format: Year.Month.Day Hours:Minutes:Seconds Example Time.txt: 2012.09.18 16:52:00 Plug the glasses into the PC and copy the time.txt file to the glasses memory stick. Unplug the glasses and power them on. The Glasses will read the Time.txt file and the clock will be set. The glasses will also delete the Time.txt file so that it does not reset the time on the next power on.

5) How do I use the POV Glasses as a WebCam?

Standard Definition POV Glasses – You need to install the Standard Definition Glasses WebCam driver  SPCA1528_V2237_WebCam_Eng. Once the driver is installed, make sure the power on the glasses is OFF, plug the glasses into an available USB port. Once the PC recognizes the glasses, hit the power button on the glasses. You should here Windows make a disconnect sound and an Installing Driver window should pop up. Once the driver loads succesfully, you should be able to use your favorite WebCam software to connect to the glasses. HD POV Glasses –  You need to install the High Definition Glasses WebCam driver STK03N. Make sure the power to the glasses is ON!! Plug the glasses into an available USB port. Windows should detect and load the driver. Once the load is complete, you should be able to use your favorite WebCam software to connect to the glasses.

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