DR-22WL An Easy-To-Use Portable Recorder with All New Mics and Breakthrough Wi-Fi Technology


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An Easy-To-Use Portable Recorder with All New Mics and Breakthrough Wi-Fi Technology

The groundbreaking DR-22WL from TASCAM is the first portable recorder to include Wi-Fi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone or PC. Other innovations like the new Scene Dial make it easier than ever to capture great-sounding recordings and share them online. A set of stereo condenser microphones is arranged in true XY pattern for ideal stereo imaging. The eight-position Scene Dial selects recording settings for typical situations, or can be set to full manual for greater control.

Included in the DR-22WL is a Wi-Fi function for controlling its transport and transferring files to a smartphone or computer. A free app for iOS and Android controls the transport and transfers files for instant upload. For a recording beginner or experienced user looking for a great-sounding, portable recorder with Wi-Fi, the DR-22WL is the only choice.

Firmware V1.20To Top

The product improvement in Version 1.20 is the XRI (eXtended Recording Information) feature which embeds the DR-22WL/DR-44WL settings information into the BWF file. The BWF format audio file settings information, such as recorder name, recording level and input source can be included in the file. The "previous concert setting" can be easily reproduced.

In addition, a smartphone's GPS information can be embedded while connected to the recorder via Wi-Fi and using the TASCAM DR CONTROL app. The GPS information of the recording is very useful when making recordings in multiple locations, and the XRI data containing the GPS information is useful as a log when recording environmental sounds.

We are constantly improving the functionality of the TASCAM handheld line to make recording more enjoyable and convenient. A customer and recording enthusiast who asked "Please tell me how the sample sound on the website was recorded…" was the impetus for the development of the XRI feature. Input settings and recording level data are very important elements for maximizing the quality of a recording, and we saw massive potential in embedding them in the audio file. TASCAM has over 60 years of experience in the recording industry, and the XRI function is our latest innovation.


Equipped with XRI (eXtended Recording Information) functionality that embeds GPS information and settings information in the recording file
XRI is a function that stores the recording settings after each recording. This function allows the user to identify the recorder used, as well as the settings. XRI information can be displayed on XRI-compatible models and applications.

While using the DR CONTROL smartphone app, GPS information of the recording location can be embedded. This function is useful for outdoor sound-gathering recordings. XRI information is accessible on the main unit or from the DR CONTROL app.

XRI function supports BWF format recordings. Three modes of operation can be selected - OFF/ON/ON+GPS.

OFF:Extended recording information (XRI) is not recorded.
ON:Extended recording information (XRI) is recorded into the BWF file. The following information is included…
  • MAKER(Maker Name):Recorder's brand name
  • MODEL(Model Name):Recorder's model name
  • FW VER.(Firmware Version):Recorder's Firmware version
  • SOURCE(Input Source):Sound input method (input terminal or microphone)
  • INPUT LV(Input Level Setting):Input level setting
  • LOW CUT(Low Cut Filter Setting):Low cut filter setting
  • LV CTRL(Level Control Setting):Recording level - automatic control function
  • EFFECT(Effect Setting):Effect ON/OFF

ON+GPS:In addition to the above information, GPS information of where the recording was initiated (LATITUDE/LONGITUDE) is recorded.

XRI compatible models

* All images are captured from DR-44WL. DR-22WL has same menu and settings.
* With DR-44WL, XRI function can be used only in 4CH mode.
* XRI function is effective only in BWF format.
* Default is "ON." To use GPS information, change setting to "ON+GPS."
* XRI function is planned to be incorporated in more TASCAM recorders and applications. The specifications are available to other manufacturers considering incorporating this function into their products.
Peak Mark function identifies locations of over-level peaks
The Peak Mark function automatically places a mark 2 seconds before the detected peak (PEAK LED). This function quickly identifies where the peak was detected during recording, which is useful for post-recording confirmation. When there are no problems found after confirmation, the mark can be deleted. In the BWF format (in the same way as with other types of marks) the peak mark can utilized in corresponding DAWs such as SONAR.

* DR Series detects peaks at levels lower than 0dB, and the PEAK LED lights to simplify input level setting.
* New marks are not issued for 10 seconds after the previous peak mark.
Protect function to safeguard important files
The built-in Protect function prevents important recorded files from being mistakenly deleted. When the protect function is ON, files cannot be deleted by operating the main unit.
Other improved features
Version 1.20 Firmware functions have been improved based on customer feedback…
  • Marks available during playback
  • Mark Skip Mode option is added (ALL/MANUAL/LEVEL/TIME/PEAK/OFF)
  • Single Mark deletion or All Mark deletion
  • Empty folder deletion

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