K2 Meter Deluxe EMF Detector Sensor Black


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The infamous K-II Meter has been featured on many paranormal TV shows including Ghost Hunters! This is the black deluxe model with a constant on/off switch & includes a 9v alkaline battery! It has color coded EMF strength indicator LED lights up to 20+ milligauss & a UV reflective sticker. (see all specs below) The K-II Meter is one of the most popular EMF detectors ever used for paranormal investigation & we just love how well these work! These are not only great for measuring EMF spikes but also great as a spirit communication device! You have probably seen how this works on some of the ghost hunting TV shows. Just ask a yes or no question & then ask a spirit to make the LED lights illuminate for yes responses. This is absolutely amazing when it happens! We have tried the K-II Meter with sound & in our opinion it's not really worth the extra cost. It just makes a very faint buzzing sound when the LED's light up. Any serious paranormal investigator should have at least one K-II Meter in their inventory of ghost hunting equipment! We will ship your order within 24 hours of payment. We ship USPS Priority Mail so you can have your new paranormal equipment within a few days. Any questions will be answered promptly!

Communicate with Spirits by asking Yes or No questions! Ask a Spirit to make the LED lights illuminate for Yes responses! This is a great way to establish communication with Spirits during paranormal investigations!

These are100% authentic K-II Meters manufactured by K-II Enterprises in the USA



Made in USA by K-II Enterprises .............................. Black Deluxe Model

Color Coded LED's .............................. 1.5mg, 2.5mg, 10mg, & 20+milligauss

UV Reflective Sticker .............................. Constant On/Off Switch

Length - 5.5" Width - 2" Height - 1.2" Weight w/battery 3.8 oz


9v Alkaline Battery Included!

Items included are pictured below


K-II Meter Owners Manual Included!

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