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This All NEW idea came to us one day, why not measure the brightness of the light rather than just alert the user that the light changed, so here we have the Shadow Density Detector.  With 5 leds, and a tone speaker, we can measure how dim the light is now, and find out for sure if its paranormal by watching the bar-graph on it.  the dimmer the laser light gets, the more leds light up.  Laser is included in this package.

To Operate:
Make sure you start with a fresh 9 volt, and set this unit on a tripod, along with your laser.  Aim the laser on the sensor, we recommend maybe bouncing the laser back and forth a few times with mirrors to cover more area.  once the laser is dead center on the sensor, then set the sensitivity of the unit by turning the knob until the first led lights up, then gently turn the knob back to just turn off the led.  then that's it, its set and ready for action.  Now, through the night, might want to check and make sure the laser ain't dimming, as this will cause the meter to light up leds.

Note: Battery and tripod is not included
(Note: All details may not completely match photo, like label, but all functions are the same.)
The laser that comes with this unit is for testing purposes, we recommend you purchase an 5mw laser pin.

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