Tri-Static Detector IV


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 This unit is more stable and has a tripod mount added (tripod not included). Running off of just 1 9-volt battery, and a life of over 2 days constant use, this detector is our best version yet. Faster detection, and we have made the orange Natural Energy Detector led go off only if it detects energy like ac current, or microwave, ect., as we have found that it would show a Natural energy where no energy is present, so we have recalibrate the sensor to be more accurate. We have included a picture of the circuit we use, to show you that our circuit is truly one of a kind. This meter has got to be one of the most useful tools as it will tell you exactly what type of energy you might be experiencing. when you see the blue led on, this indicates there is positive energy in the room. when the red led is on, means you have negative energy. white led indicates there is no energy present. and on the flip side it also has an orange led to verify if its man made or not, when lit its detecting some man made energy, so when using multiple units, you can also use this as a tracker. every unit is tested b4 shipped. thanks.

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