THERMASCOPE (Handheld Hot/Cold Spot Detection)


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  • Product Code: THERMASCOPE (Handheld Hot/Cold Spot Detection)

This is the Paranologies Thermascope.  copyright © 2016 Paranologies

  • This is a Hand Held Visual Ambient Temperature Sensor with 2 ambient Probes that are constantly comparing the difference in temperature. 
  • Picks up changes in the ambient air temperature and displays the change using a Blue light for Cold, and a Red light for Hot.
  • Tailored for Paranormal Investigation's to detect Hot/Cold spots that we can't see with our eyes.
  • Ambient Blue light to detect the unit in the dark.
  • Automatically resets every 30 second's if the ambient air has a constant change it will auto-adjust to that change while still displaying the hot and cold changes. All you have to do is turn the unit on and it takes it from there. Great visual piece to find hot/cold spots during an investigation. Show's up great on Camera so you can document the temperature Visually!
  • Work's off 1 x 9 volt(not Included) 
  • Custom Designed- We designed and own all rights for this custom piece Tailored Specifically for a Paranormal Investigation.
  • Completely Hand built, wired and molded out of ABS Plastic In the USA Paranologies LAB.
  • Field tested by Actual Paranormal Team's with great results. 
  • Handheld unit
  • Watch the video's below for more info and to see the specs of the unit  

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