SB-11 Spirit Box Dual Sweep w/ Flashlight


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  • Product Code: SB-11 Spirit Box Dual Sweep w/ Flashlight

The P-SB11 Spirit Box is the latest Spirit Box device created by DAS. Results from paranormal enthusiasts, including its premier debut on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures proved to be encouraging. The P-SB11 features user selectable single and dual AM/FM Sweep capabilities, Adjustable Sweep Rates, Forward / Reverse Sweep, Dual Audio Outputs, Selectable AM/FM Antenna Attenuation, Built in high intensity Red LED Flashlight, Audio Mute while Sweeping, Adjustable volume, Visual & Audible Hot & Cold Spot Detection with selectable Sound. Future models of the P-SB11 can be further enhanced using DAS proprietary expansion modules for Natural Field Detection, SDD Shadow Detection, Vibration and other DAS modules.

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