Poltercom intelligent instrumental transcommunication spirit/ghost box



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This is the communication device that has produced amazing results for spirit communication and is now available to the public.

Like a traditional spirit/ghost box, the Poltercom sweeps through radio stations, however this is the first box ever to do a motorized sweep. Why is this important? With the use of a motor to control the channel sweeping, the radio tuning can be controlled by sensors that monitor the environment. For example our Parascope can be integrated into the Poltercom so it will read the static fields around it and turn the dial based off the direction of the static field, or it can sweep based off of temperature or pressure changes. The motorized sweep speed can be controlled with very fine adjustments as well to your liking, or the motorized sweep can be turned off and you can also manual sweep the Poltercom's dial. The Poltercom also sweeps through the stations back and forth not just in one direction. 


The standard version of the Poltercom will come with the following.

  • -Replicated Bronze Look

  • -Manual Sweep

  • -Motorized Sweep

  • -Adjustable Sweep rate

  • -Volume with Simple Echo Processor

  • -Extended antenna for better reception

  • -2 x Speakers, with Digital Amplifier

  • -Output jack with volume control for digital recorder. (Digital recorder not included)

  • Led lighting system indicating sweep speed. 

    Options at additional charge include- 

    Digitech Multi Effects Processor


  • 58 effects (12 amps, 9 cabinets, 37 stompboxes)

  • 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user)

  • 20 Tone Bank combinations

  • 20 FX Bank combinations

  • Built-in chromatic tuner

  • Up to 5 seconds of delay time

  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate

  • When the effects processor is added as an option we also add internal speaker boxes to give more sound. 

     Parascope Static Sweep Sensor


    The Parascope takes environmental static electricity measurements and turns the Poltercoms dial accordingly. There is a Yes/No below the Poltercoms dial and you can ask for the dial to be turned to yes or no while also getting audible responses. The Poltercom sweeps continuously until it detects a static electricity field and then it stops or slows according to the static field strength. 

    More information-

    The Poltercom is 3d printed with simulated bronze filament. There are options to have it printed with real bronze or copper as well. It takes over 30 hours to print and 10 hours to put together. The Poltercoms will be labeled with a number based off how many are sold. Not all Poltercoms will be the same but will look very similar to the pics here unless you order a custom Poltercom. Poltercoms take about 2 weeks to ship after payment and are built to order.  

    The unit hold 8 AA batteries (Not included). Rechargeable batteries are recommended and sold on this site. 

    The last picture of the Poltercom is of Poltercom 3 which is made out of Copper and has the Parascope option. This is only shown to display the Parascope option. 

    Sorry but because of the custom nature of this product NO discount codes can be used unless you were on the preorder list. 

    Watch the video's below for results and a video instructional. 


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