PHONOPOD (Wireless EVP Monitoring)


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  • Brand: Paranologies
  • Product Code: PHONOPOD (Wireless EVP Monitoring)
  • This is the Paranologies Wireless PhonoPod System  copyright © 2011 Paranologies 
  • Listen to EVP's Live with the new PhonoPod System. Unit Contains Stereo Microphones and a wireless IR Transmitter to listen to Evp's Live with one person or an entire group of people. 
  • With the use of a slight delay in the output of audio and the configuration of the headphone's by design, our research show's that this unit can output deemed Evp's. Evp's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are not proven by Science so we are in no way stating that the audio this unit outputs is anything Paranormal.  
  • Unit Includes 1 wireless headphone with an output jack so you can listen to Evp's Live by yourself or Share the experience with a friend and purchase an extra headphone. The heaphone has an output jack so each person can plug it in to his/her recorder and have their own recording. 
  • Extra Headphones for this unit can be purchased as well on this site.
  • When microphone's are on, whispering can be picked up from far away, so make sure you have a camera running during the Evp session or Tag your audio to cut down on the false positives associated with non-Evp whispering during an evp session. 
  • Ir Light allows the unit to broadcast the dual microphone's up to 5' in diameter for use during Evp session's. Purchase additional headphone's and use with your entire team.  (Unit is supplied with 1 Headphone)
  • This unit is recommended for Indoor use so the IR signal can reflect. The unit will perform outdoor's but not as well as indoor's.
  • Unit Does NOT record, is only for live listening. Ask about adding a 3.5mm jack to plug into your audio recorder.
  • Sensitivity -28db - 46db
  • Omni-Directional
  • Frequency Range- 20 Hz to 20 Khz
  • Impedance 2.2Kohm
  • S/N Ration >60db
  • Work's off 4 AA batteries(not Included) that will last for weeks
    We sell batteries to make it easy if needed.
  • Unit come's with Stereo Microphones, IR Lens, 1 Wireless Headphone with output jack, All built to completion. 
  • Please Note: While Paranologies Test's all its equipment with actual Paranormal Team's with good results, this is in no way proof of detecting anything Paranormal. Any sensor used for a Paranormal Investigation can and will false. It is up to the User of the sensor to use control testing while looking for intelligent patterns before it may be deemed Paranormal. The Statements above about the Phono Pod are only a  Hypothesis (proposed explanation for a phenomenon) and you as the user of this/any equipment by Paranologies should understand none of this technology is proven.

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